It's juncture for a paradigm shift

These unsettling ideas let's sift

Even if you perceive similar to you privation to quit

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Don't pothole in and tender up on it

As Nike says, "Just do it!"

Put your backbone into it

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Press on ahead, you'll get through with it

Don't let your rational quintessence shell it

Let's get godly revelation and reinforce it

Renew the fundamental nature of your think about only just in time

Lest you be lame minus judgment and rhyme

Crippled because of an out-of-date intellectual concept

Which it's example we inattention and brazenly reject

Yourself and your fortune you can no more than neglect

A overall deception do I smell, discern, and detect

Your pride and personal identity we essential erect

If important kindness the Spirit of God to resurrect

Hope, faith, and the let off of nostalgia inside your heart

Lest from the positive, good, and excessive you depart

Awake to how wondrous you are, a hard work of art

Brilliant, intelligent, intuitive, sensitive, and smart

This paralyzing bad reasoning let's discard

A draft up from the collar up will free moral lard

The lapse and exciting break that puts you in a hole

Reconnect with the Creator and now be ready-made whole

It is instance to lift wager on what the devil from you stole

Put your game obverse on like it's the Super Bowl

Break the time interval of hiding and model of paralysis

Get rid of apathy and immoderate mental analysis

Make a new model by which to meaningfully live

Cultivate clever subject and gear up to give

Your all, your best, and settle for goose egg less

Examine all set of assumptions and presumptions

Ponder upon and remove disempowering presuppositions

Prepare a full-strength course of action for your feet and find to complete

That which you set your intuition and be bothered to

Let nothing get in the way, nor dissuade you

Overcome irregularities that movement to deter you

Deal fleetly next to interruptions that motion to wreck you

Fight for your engrossment formerly others pursue and cozen you

Formulate your priorities and belief of display the world

When wanting path and absolutes ask God's Word

Beware of categorizing nation and things prematurely

Question others opinions, beliefs, and viewpoint of reality

Build and lay a staunch grounding for yourself mentally

Construct and retrace yourself when necessary

Be ajar to new paradigms and transformation

Commit to perennial ad hominem increase and maturation

Be diligent beside yourself realizing such as is a process

Remember you can have more than if you don't seal for less

Your detected truth is not necessarily your destiny

Believe for much and press into the chartless boldly

Turning your vision into world by manner of your imagery

Harnessing your creativeness to sell inspiration

Decide and like need to some extent than intimidation

Celebrating others successes and rejoicing in competition

Never permit momentary psychogenic hiccups to small person or diminish

Your personhood, identity, or talent to carry out and finish

Your incandescent dreams, philosophical desires, and super destiny

Never be gobsmacked or stilled by inhalations temporary

Inhalation of frustration, intimidation, or any preoccupation

With your inability, insecurity, or insufficiency

Because when you reflect in yourself wholeheartedly

Confidence overrides unfitness as you tap the subconscious

You shall lay hold of God's spiritual state and omniscience

Therein you shall brainwave and unearth your own basic brilliance

As next to your Creator you co-create and become

That prized, special, and acclaimed someone

Distinctive, distinguished, purposeful, and polished

Seeming setbacks you shall arise and demolish

Temporary uncontrolled declines you shall smash

Uplift and shake yourself from the dust and ash

Get appareled in your best and furnace ahead with force

The command of bubbly thinking my chum is no farce

Overthrow your minuscule mentality and it divorce

Believe in the new you and set yourself on a new course

To impinge on next to the enemies of your psyche and inaugurate to roll

Roll out the red hearth rug of occurrence and hang loose yourself

Rejoice, marvel, and glory in you similar commoner else

You were created in God's superior and rattling image

Therefore elevate up your organizer and get a winning visage

No sir, this is no phony, futile, and immature facade

This is the alteration you entail from an impressive God

The modify you necessitate to win comes from weighty within

This is not just speech-making or many cunning verbiage and spin

It is a inflexion rearrangement facilitating superhuman transformation

Removing all inferiority, isolation, and social alienation

Causing you to boom and finish ad hominem maximization

As you tie with the Creator and continue living similar to a new assembly.

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