The craggy topographic point of the Mountain Zebra National Park's Bankberg embracing rising and falling plains and philosophical valleys, and has turn an entrancing embalm for the Cape peak equine.

The announcement of the parkland in 1937 blest these animals from extinction, and currently their people tiered seats at 350.

The piece of ground contains a well-to-do multiplicity of plant species and in season the grassland is splashed next to flowers. Fynbos and renosterveld inferior prosper in the temperate conditions wherever the rains come with by and large during archaean summertime and winter.

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The highlight of the park's class aggregation is conspicuously the Cape mountain equine after which the park is called. These zebra diverge from the plains or Burchell's zebra, by having narrower stripes, unreality of shadowiness stripes and orange facial tone.

Mountain reedbuck and pale rhebok frequent the difficult areas, whilst lynx caracal be the niche of primary shark.

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Other discernible taxonomic group of the mountain upland are the red hartebeest, eland and springbok. In the more sylvan valleys people should search for kudu, and two of the park's more new reintroductions, the African american buffalo and the achromatic odd-toed ungulate.


Doornhoek Guest House, a fixed Victorian homestead, helpful 6 persons, iii bedrooms, en opus bathrooms(bath), fully visored kitchen.

They too have four-bed loved ones cottages, respectively near two bedrooms, bath (shower) and to a degree equipt kitchen.

All apartment in the tract is maintained on a daily basis and provided with bedding, towels and cleaner.


- Game showing from own vehicle.

- Short personality trails.

- Day and darkness drives - bookings at salutation.

- San cavern paintings - bookings at salutation.

- Picnic areas

How to get there:

The parcel is settled 12 km from the lovely town of Cradock on the Middelburg-Graaff Reinett road, and is 280 km from Port Elizabeth, 800 km from Cape Town, 800 km from Johannesburg and 1 050 km from Durban.

The accession line to the parcel gate and record of the interior traveler routes are gravel, whilst enduring sections are tarred or concrete.

Gate Hours:

1 October to 31 March: 07:00 - 19:00

1 April to 30 September: 07:00 - 18:00

Climate in the Mountain Zebra National Park:

Summers are warm, and season nights are cutting. Rainfall averages quite a few 390mm per annum, with systematic snow on high untruthful areas.

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